The Ultimate Guide to Cat Grooming at Home.


While cats are very clean animals, they are famous for how they groom themselves from time to time. But as a cat owner, you will need to groom their body at least twice a day. You can help them to remove dead hair and hairballs, and you can also check the growth of notorious hairballs in their body. If you do not prevent that, you can find some notorious hairballs around your home from time to time.

thingsIn this article, we will discuss some important things to consider when grooming your beloved cat carefully, such as how to deal with cat hairballs, the best cat grooming products available in the market, and how to remove mats from a cat’s fur.

How often should I groom my cat?

Even if you have a short-haired cat, Brush its coat daily because dead hair may remain on the coat, so brushing or wiping with a cloth is recommended. Sometimes they may hurt when you are brushing, so use the chamois cloth to wipe down a hairless cat every day.

Did you notice the feel of a cat’s tongue? Definitely, the cat’s tongue is a very rough surface, like sandpaper. A lot of hooks are present on their tongue. Those hooks help remove the hair when they groom. Do you know where that hair is going? Cat’s stomach or somewhere else?

Hair in the intestinal tract is not good for your kitten’s health. Sometimes the hair in the intestinal tract may develop various diseases. That hair goes into the intestinal tract. And from there, it’s either passed in the feces or gathers in the stomach until the cat throws it up. Now you can definitely understand the reason behind the importance of regular grooming.

Choose a high-quality comb for grooming because some low-quality combs are inappropriate for your kitten’s coat. It may affect your kitten’ coat. Depending on the kitten’s coat, you can choose a suitable comb.

If your cat has short hair, use a rubber brush with tiny nubs on it to loosen dead hair so that it can be combed out more easily. Cats with long hair will benefit from a thorough brushing with a slicker brush. Different types of combs are available on the market; before making a purchase, take some advice from your veterinary doctor about your kitten’s coat and hair.

Combs are different in their tooth space.

  • Fine combs

These combs are good for smooth or fine-coat cats.

  • Medium combs

Those are better for most cats.

  • Coarse comb

This is a better option for short hair.

If your cat has been exposed to fleas and you need to go through her coat with a fine-tooth comb literally, you might also want a flea comb. For the purpose of removing semi-dead and dead hair, some people also purchase shedding blades.

  • Dematting comb

It also helps to remove the dead hair and the tangled hair. Tangled hair is a serious burden for you and your cat. So you can choose these types of combs to remove the tangled hair.

  • Zoom Groom brush

The Zoom Groom brush is a good product for removing dead and partly dead hair. Also, it gives a good massage to your cat. Zoom groom brushes can use all types of cat hair. So I will invest in your kitty.

Using these types of products can cut down on shedding and cut down on hairballs.

After the hair has been loosened, I normally comb the coat to gather the hair when I brush my cat’s hair. Numerous fine metal bristles that are angled are present on a slicker brush. It works well for long-haired cats and can also get rid of mats that have already been split with a mat splitter. If you have a short-haired cat, you can choose a slicker brush with extra-fine bristles. When brushing regularly, a bristle brush helps you maintain the healthy condition of your cat’s coat.

If you regularly brush your cat’s hair to remove dead hair, you won’t need any tools to remove the mats because your cat won’t have mats. Matted fur is a condition for long-haired cats. In there, the fur becomes knotted and entangled.

How to brush a cat’s teeth

Brushing your kitty’s teeth is very important because food debris may remain in the teeth, and after that, various bacteria and germs may become active in the mouth. But it isn’t easy to brush your cat’s teeth in adulthood. It’s easiest to start brushing teeth when your cat is a kitten, but some adult cats can be tolerant.

Purchase a good quality toothbrush and cat’s toothpaste.

Sometimes when you brush your cat’s teeth, too, a strong odor comes from your cat’s mouth. It may be a signal for some diseases. So it is time for a veterinary visit.

How to bathe a cat without getting scratched

Cats bathe themselves every day, at least three times. If you want to bathe your cat, you should train him. And you will choose a shampoo made for only cats. The pH value of a cat’s skin differs from that of a human’s. So shampoos made for humans are not good for cats, and dog shampoo is also bad for cats. It would be best if you chose a shampoo with the ideal pH for a cat’s skin. Before purchasing a shampoo, check the label properly and get your doctor’s advice regarding the recommended shampoo for your cat.

One important thing is that tea tree oil is not good for cats because tea tree oil is lethal for cats. So do not buy shampoo, only reading its name and labeled for use on cats; read the ingredients and be sure! As a responsible cat owner, hopefully, you love to see your cat looking and feeling the best. If you are a beginner to cat caring, don’t be stressed; follow this guide carefully and get a clear idea about cat grooming, then you will easily understand it.


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